[artwork by Ash Catcher]

Public fascade made in vain. 

Riptides come in forms of new low. 

Antisocial substances keeps me semi sane.  

How did you end up back in the CO eh? 

This is comical this is funny. 

Five minutes to 11 you post a #wcw. 

On a Thursday c'mon who you kiddin hunny?

Next time I'll wipe the digital floor with your #tbt 

Social constructs hanging from above. 

Public streaming ego, waiting for the love. 

Live it, like...

Here at Stanky Hampster, the focus is usually around the "underground" music scene and an emphasis on local artists- especially in the Philadelphia area. Today's feature is here to broaden that scope and direct you towards some examples of this week's underrated shit. 


Directed by: Adrian Țofei 


There comes a time in someone's life when they have seen enough horror films and can...

I wasn't sure exactly where to put Lexi Spino's feature, because she is both a talented writer as well as performer. 

Lexi Spino is a poet from Pennsylvania. With punk rock influences in her blood, Lexi Spino delivers poems meant to shock, educate, and grab your attention. She's funny, captivating, and- to continue with this weeks apparent theme- a fuckin' awesome person to be around. 

Spino performed at our September show at Fr...

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