[NEW VIDEO] Philly Punk Trio "Brandish" release new Music Video for "Death Blossoms&q

Philly Punk Trio, Brandish, have released their video for "Death Blossoms" this past week. "Death Blossoms" was featured on Brandish's most recent release, Funfair/ Warfare. This album promotes the political ideals that Brandish has always pushed- and we love them for. Highly talented and highly intelligent, Brandish delivers their newest video consisting of issues that unfortunately can be seen as "timeless". One day, I hope timeless cannot be used to describe a lot of their releases.

What better way to explain the newest video than from the band themselves. "We filmed a music video for our song Death Blossoms back in February. Sheesh. I don’t know. I feel like in America, when faced with questions we’re not equipped to answer, or are just too afraid to answer, the impulse is to double down on harmful value systems (White supremacy) we’ve taken comfort in. That’s what this song is about. That’s partially where the name Death Blossoms comes from. It also pays tribute to people like Mumia Abu Jamal, asking the tough questions even when it goes against what’s considered acceptable in the mainstream lexicon.Anyway, this is a music video for a song and we hope you like it!!! Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Check in on those you love and good luck out there!!"

- Brandish

Be sure to check out their new video below, as well as their newest release, Funfair/ Warfare!

Funfair/ Warfare (Spotify)

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