[New EP] Zombies No: All You Can Hate

Zombies No have released their new EP, All You Can Hate, exclusively on Bandcamp today.

Zombies No are a punk band, originally founded in Venezuela, but currently located in Paris, France.

All You Can Hate is a 5-song EP, clocking a little more than 16 minutes of West Coast-style punk rock. It's actually pretty incredible how much this album sounds like something from bands like Bad Religion and other popular West Coast punk icons. You can hear so much influence from bands that are completely different, giving them a packed sound of raw punk rock and melody. It's not Bad Religion, it's more interesting than Bad Religion. Fast galloping drum beats, guitar solos, harmonized melodies, and breakdowns, make this 16 minute EP a breeze to like and listen to. It's the perfect amount of emotion, sound, and attitude to digest. It's also rare you see punk bands with a more professional mix and master to their work, so if you're a tone elitist, you might actually survive after listening to this one. All in all, this EP is exciting, energetic, and provides different perspectives of punk rock that listeners of all backgrounds can respect. Be sure to follow the band to get the updates about their upcoming Vinyl release of All You Can Hate! We all love those big, black, flimsy, monstrosities! Check out their lyrics video for "Falling Back" below!

Check out Zombies No's All You Can Hate EP at:




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