[MUSIC|FILM] This Week's Underrated Shit

Here at Stanky Hampster, the focus is usually around the "underground" music scene and an emphasis on local artists- especially in the Philadelphia area. Today's feature is here to broaden that scope and direct you towards some examples of this week's underrated shit.


Directed by: Adrian Țofei


There comes a time in someone's life when they have seen enough horror films and can judge what a horror film will be like by the cover of the movie itself- for the most part. From the marketing strategies, to titles of movies being VERY similar to major box office hits, to the overall production value, you can what kind of situation you might be getting yourself into. There's only so many covers you see on streaming services that have all those bullshit "awards" on the front to know how to separate the winners and losers. If you watch a lot of horror you know exactly what I mean. But then you come across one and it stumps you, so you turn to the internet to shed some light on what you might be getting yourself into. This is what happened with Be My Cat: A Film For Anne.

Be My Cat is a found footage style horror movie. The main character (Adrian) is an aspiring film maker who has an idea for a movie called "Be My Cat". After a long time of searching for the perfect actor, he realizes that Anne Hathaway would be the perfect choice. The main character talks to the camera for the majority of the time as if he is speaking to Anne Hathaway herself- I shit you not, this is real. With the footage that he films of himself with other women, he hopes that this will convince her that he is an incredible director and that she should fill the role in his new movie.

When I read online that this movie was directed quite literally at Anne Hathaway, it caught my attention and I knew I had to see it. I am not a big found footage fan, but this movie stood out amongst a lot of other movies that I have seen. The premise alone is so refreshingly original that it was something that easily kept my attention. Watching Adrian get progressively erratic and bounce back and forth between personalities was incredibly effective. The horror comes less from generic jump scares and instead through sadistic acts and dialogue from a psychopath. The dialogue between him and the different women he encounters feels incredibly real. I find one thing that found footage horror films lack is an actual "found footage" feeling- without it being overshadowed by cheesy special FX or generic story lines. Be My Cat provides a truly real atmosphere. Horror movies should be horror movies, and with a movie with a plot as strange as this one, Be My Cat was bound to be successful. Be My Cat steps out of that cookie-cutter horror formula and kind of does its own psychotic thing. It's awesome, and I have so many questions in terms of motives and what Be My Cat is supposed to be. LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS, DAMMIT! If Indie Horror Films are your thing, definitely check this one out.

Check out Be My Cat: A Film For Anne, and be sure to follow Adrian Țofei online with the links below! Word on the street is that he is working on a new upcoming film.

MOVIE LINK: Be My Cat: A Film For Anne



Music by: HAKEN

These past few months I have been trying to listen to as many complete albums as I can, especially if I have heard of the artists, but know nothing about them musically. For someone who cannot decide what to put on in the car, putting on an album and just sitting back is a pretty good cure for indecisiveness. I usually like to hit up playlists to try to find new music for that week, but I ended up listening to a Tesseract-based radio station this past week. Within a few songs I came across this band, Haken, who fuckin' rocks. Though I found myself listening to the albums Vector (2018) and Affinity (2016) numerous times this week, The Mountain was an absolute epic. This album effectively blends various genres including metal, jazz, and experimental. It's heavy, groovy, and incredibly dynamic throughout each transition from song to song. There are bands that say they fuse jazz into their music, and then there are bands that actually deliver on that kind of statement. Haken takes a handful of incredible musicians and creates a fantastic album that is entertaining the whole way through. The Mountain is full of so much personality, making each song incredibly fun and entertaining to experience. I know people have short attention spans these days, but I highly recommend listening to The Mountain in its full glory, or at the very least, check out "Cockroach King" below! If you're into keyboard solos, breakdowns, fancy time signatures, and more, definitely give this a listen. FFO: Tesseract, Erra, Tool, Ween

If you're in the Philadelphia area, Haken plays tonight at the TLA on South Street! Information Below!




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