Countdown to American Dissonance Festival: The Punks and Such

We are only 10 days away from American Dissonance Fest now! In this feature, we will look at the Punk artists that will be performing at this year's festival. A marijuana and politically oriented festival would not be complete with an awesome lineup of Punk musicians. Check them out below!

WARHAWKS (Punk/Alternative, New Jersey)

"Formed in Gloucester City, New Jersey, The Warhawks have established themselves as one of the premiere rock and roll bands of the Delaware Valley music scene. Blending elements of punk with garage rock and indie pop, cousins Matt Orlando, John Bilodeau, Pat Bilodeau, and longtime friend Tom Lipski have performed across the United States, releasing a dozen EPs along the way that have received nationwide college radio airplay as well as rotation on Philadelphia's WXPN and WMMR. Their heavy hitting, guitar driven tracks are highlighted by well crafted melodies and powerful harmonies. Known for their explosive and razor tight live sets, The Warhawks have shared the stage with internationally touring acts including The Menzingers, Christopher Owens, White Reaper, Sticky Fingers, Dune Rats, and DZ Deathrays. They have also been featured as group vocalists on Beach Slang's 'Everything Matters But No One Is Listening'."

Check out their song "Miracle" below!

BRANDISH (Punk, Philadelphia)

Brandish is a hard hitting punk rock three-piece from Philadelphia, PA. With songs like "Desensitized", "Fa$T Fa$ion", and "Pornography of the Senses", Brandish delivers their music with the political undertones that we love in our punk rock music. Check out their newest release, Selective Morality, available on Bandcamp! All proceeds go towards the Anarchist Black Cross.

Check out Brandish live at OPOTW Studios!

WHISKEY DRIPPIN' (Punk/Ska , Warrington)

Whiskey Drippin' is a Punk/Ska band from Warrington, PA. See what they've "been thinkin" about by checking out their live demo from the Trocadero on Bandcamp! Follow them on Facebook for all updates concerning Whiskey Drippin'!

FUTURE TRASH (Punk/ Rock, Danville)

"Hailing from the mountains of Pennsylvania these 3 young men are potty trained and ready to rock your socks off! Their music has been said to cause acute La Petite Mort." To me, Future Trash sounds like somewhere in between The Offspring and Butthole Surfers. Pretty unique stuff, and definitely worth checking out! Check out their song "Kincubaitor 2.0" below!

PRE-K DROPOUT (Pop Punk/ Ska, Bronx)

Pre-K Dropout are a Pop Punk/ Ska band from Bronx, NY. Check out their release "There's No Rules" on Soundcloud! Be sure to check out their song "Rats, Roaches, and Relationships" below!

MINOR SETBACK (Punk, New Jersey)

Minor Setback is a punk band from Bridgeton, New Jersey. They just recently released their first EP, Did You Get Your Rabies Shot?! This five song EP consists of the standard punk content: booze, heroin, friends dying, and not giving a fuck about anything. The EP has an old school punk feel to it, with hints of the Ramones and Bad Religion heard in their music.

Check out their EP on Bandcamp, and be sure to check out their song "Ballyho!" below!

FAMOUS & FALLEN (Punk, Philadelphia)

Famous & Fallen, not to be confused with Famous AND The Fallen, are a 3 piece punk/grunge band from Philadelphia, PA. F&F is filled with songs that some might find dark and depressing, but to the writers, it's just another classic punk song. Legend has it that F&F's singer has one of the best "Tilapian Top-Shelf" shots in NHL 19. Famous & Fallen is currently recording and producing a brand new record. Come for the punk, stay for the comedy and shredding. Check out Famous & Fallen on Facebook, and be sure to check out their live footage below!

MR. LISP (Punk, Philadelphia)

[Disclaimer: I hate writing about my band, and especially putting them on this site, but here we are].

Mr. Lisp is a Punk band from Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2017, Mr. Lisp pulls influences from all types of bands like NOFX, Ween, The Distillers, and more. Mr. Lisp's most recent release, Get Our Minds Right, is available for streaming everywhere, including on their bandcamp online. Check out their title track ,Get Our Minds Right, below!

DARREN DEICIDE (Blues/Punk/Folk, Jersey City)

"If any proof is needed that the power of blues is easier to find than ever, look no further than Darren Deicide," says The Aquarian Weekly. "Surprisingly rugged and rich...Darren Deicide brings more danger to rock n' roll with a single blues lick and a few moments of your time than most contemporary bands do over the course of a tour," says Jersey Beat, who goes on to say, "Darren Deicide’s music is akin to doing shots with the devil himself - it is more than a little frightening and you know the night will end badly, the question is just how badly." Editorialist, music curator, and swing dancer who is also one half of The Wedding Funeral, Darren Deicide is a maverick of his own style of high-energy outsider roots music that acknowledges diabolical traditions while treading its own path through the contemporary world."

It would be criminal to not mention that, without Darren, we would not have been introduced to NJ Weedman's Joint, and therefore, this festival would not even be happening. Thank you Darren, and we can't wait to share the stage with you again!

Check out Darren's music and updates at, and be sure to check out "The Cocaine Song" below!

Be sure to snag your tickets before the day of the festival! Ticket prices online are cheaper than the door!

Buy tickets directly from HERE!

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