CATBITE: Your Amphetamine Delight on this Sunday Night

I'd just like to preface that I was going to hold off posting this until tomorrow (Monday), because this band is one to lift spirits, and what better way to brighten that dreary Monday morning than with some fuckin' upbeat Ska from Philly. But instead, I decided to post the day before so you can wake up knowing that you're gonna play this album on the way to work. You're welcome.

Catbite is a Ska/Reggae/ Pop band from Philadelphia, PA. Catbite released their album Catbite this past May. This 8 song album is the ska album that you didn't know you needed this summer. Whether you're sparking up an L, driving down the shore with the windows down, or having a backyard BBQ, add Catbite to the summer playlist rotation.

Sweet melodies, shimmering keys, and oldies influence can all be found in their newest release. If you took the Beach Boys and mashed them together with Big D and the Kids Table, you would probably witness a horrifying sight, but you'd probably produce something that sounds like Catbite. Fuckin' awesome album and band.

Get over the Monday sad bois with Catbite, provided by the link below!

PS. They have a few colored vinyls for sale that you should check out!

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