The Apes are Back! Beyond the Valley of the Apes

No, I'm not sick and dying, I am just productive this week- hence the 400% increase this week in content. Today we look at Lehigh Valley's Punk/Metal band, The Damn Dirty Apes and their brand new album, Beyond the Valley of the Apes.

Last night I got into my car to leave work, looked down at my phone, and was blindsided by news that The Damn Dirty Apes had released their brand new album, Beyond the Valley of the Apes. Needless to say-emphasis on needless- I got Damn Dirty gaped when I found out.

Just when you thought Ape Diablo couldn't be topped, The Damn Dirty Apes gives us a brand new album that's full of their signature raw fucking power. From metal-style ballads like "Hopelessly Devoted To You", to groovy hardcore tunes like "The Uncanny Valley", Beyond the Valley of the Apes has a track for everyone that will make listeners shit their genitals off and spontaneously combust in the name of metal. In addition, this album includes classics like "Fuck the Amish", as well as a "Live" version of "Set Fires!"

Beyond the Valley of the Apes is jam-packed full of screaming guitar solos, roaring vocals, and a rhythm section that's completely over the top. The Damn Dirty Apes shows the importance of having a tight as fuck rhythm section, with both the bass guitar and bass drum exploding in your ears- wait until you see them play live. This album sounds like a combination of a Judas Priest record meets Cro-Mags. Beyond the Valley of the Apes is a great fuckin' listen!

Check out one of their new tracks, "Prince of Galway", below at the links provided.


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