Loafass: When Septa Sucks but Music Doesn't Have To

Philly has no shortage of great punk bands in the music scene. Since the mid 90's, Loafass has screamed absolute insanity at concert goers and continues their legacy today.

Loafass is just one of those punk bands that are easy to listen to in any mood. With songs like Chapped Ass, Septa Sucks, Duck Boat, and Tea Bag'n, Loafass has no shortage of hilarious comedic content. Whether you find it absolutely absurd or incredibly relatable- fuck Septa- Loafass is surely a band that can easily sneak into your punk playlists. While listening to Loafass, listeners will find themselves going from old school vibes, to thrash licks, to funk, to heavy chugs. Yeah, chugs is a word-I believe.

Check out Loafass at our upcoming April show at Freshy's with Aimless Again, Uncle Dan, and Apt. A! Be sure to check out Loafass at the links below- per usual. Be sure to hear that infamous "duck call" in their song Duck Boat below.




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