Vixen77: Not Goin' To Heaven

Filthadelphia's hard-hitting punk group, Vixen77, has recently released their first EP this past February. The three song EP features tracks "Vixen77", "You Gotta Go", and "Give it Up".

This EP brings the listener the old school punk feel, reminding people why they started listening to punk in the first place. Vixen77 delivers attitude, bluesy rock-n-roll styled guitar riffs, and the right amount of group vocals for every drunk punk to scream along to. This isn't a band for the fancy corporate yuppie- it's the band that accompanies the brown bagging, 40 oz. smashing, cop car spray-painting lifestyle.

Vixen77 EP 001 is an EP that you'd expect to hear from a band announcing their second or third release, not their initial. Personally, I have never heard a band that has a self-titled track that lives up to their band. You'd think all these bands that have done it in the past would know that it HAS to be an AWESOME track if you name it after your band. . Vixen77's self-titled track has been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours. "Vixen77" shows strength of the core of their band with a balance of attitude and musicality. It's a track that finally is an accurate representation of a band. Vixen77 is here to remind us "Punks Not Dead" with their brash irreverence towards a cookie-cutter lifestyle.

Hopefully Vixen77 finds themselves on a Stanky Hampster bill in the future, as well as an interview, for I would love to learn more about them!

Check out Vixen77 at the links below, and be sure to check them out at one of their upcoming shows!

04.20.19 | The Pharmacy | Philadelphia, PA

06.29.19 | The Buffalo | Philadelphia, PA

08.17.19 | Pretty In Punk Philly | Philadelphia, PA

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