[REVIEW] Alouth: Resentment

Rejoice Metal, Punk, and Hardcore fans! Alouth released their new EP, Resentment, this past February.

Brooklyn's Hardcore/Sludge Punks bring the rage in this new EP. Resentment combines sludgey guitar breakdowns, fast hardcore drum beats, and growling vocals. Vocalist Cody Hell combines hardcore vocals with grueling growls, and even features cleaner harmony parts. Prepare yourself for rapid changes between headbanging and punching holes in your bedroom door. Resentment is the album that will cause your apartment complex noise complaint. It's the album for your spring time, windows down, car playlist. Any fans of punk, hardcore, or thrash metal will surely find great joy listening to this EP.

Check out their track "Divine" off Resentment, and be sure to check out Alouth at the links below!




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