[OUR MARCH SHOW RECAP!] Side Pocket Louie/ The Wedding Funeral/ Erin Incoherent/ Rasan in the Heyday

I always get super excited after new artists come and play at "Freshy's" in Philly! I tend to do write ups almost immediately after these events, covering new bands that I was blown away by. This March show has been one of our "tamest" shows thus far- which is not a bad thing by any means. Our shows are usually filled with drum hardware galore, half stacks, and stacks of effect pedals. Instead, this past show for our March showcase was filled with acoustic guitars, powerful emotions, echoing voices. Check out the artists that played in March, as well as a video snippet of their performance. As always, if you weren't there, YA BLEW IT!

Our show started off with Side Pocket Louie's official debut at Freshy's. Packed with working class ethic, a love for drinking, and an Americana vibe, Side Pocket Louie broke out the resonator and played from raw emotion. If you somehow meshed the voices of Bob Dylan, Shane MacGowan, and a street punk, you might find yourself listening to Side Pocket Louie. Side Pocket Louie was an absolute great addition to this bill, and stood out as an incredibly strong opening act, setting up the room for the next artists.

Following Side Pocket Louie's performance was The Wedding Funeral's debut at Freshy's for the first time. Now I don't want to do a disservice to this duo by labeling them some genre that they aren't, so I will try my best to explain. First of all, The Wedding Funeral isn't just a a musical duo, but an art piece or exhibition. The Wedding Funeral mixes aspect of Horror, Gothic, Folk, and Americana to create an eerie atmospheric experience. Their performances consist of instruments like acoustic guitar, singing saws (SUPER COOL), percussive instruments, and if you're so lucky- curses. At the end of each song you could almost hear a pin drop before the applause ran out, as the room was filled with daze.

Later on came Erin Incoherent, making her debut at Freshy's as well- hey look, do you see a pattern? Armed with a head full of liberty spikes and a baby blue acoustic guitar, Erin opened up the set with a belting voice- raw in timbre to match the sheer raw emotion of her material. From material involving mental health, to a call to arms to help friends fighting addiction, Erin's message in her music is anything but "incoherent". Though folk in nature, the true Punk Rock attitude is embedded in Incoherent's music and lyrics. It was truly a powerful and moving performance that made a few people in the crowd literally say, "Holy Shit". If Jeff Goldblum was there to rate it, he'd probably give the performance "Five Jeff Goldblums out of a possible Five Jeff Goldblums".

Next up came Rasan- the Rasan, in fact, of the Philadelphia-area based group, Rasan in the Heyday. With a smile on his face, Rasan moved the room while playing sweet sounding chords and catchy hooks in his solo performance. Though Rasan played one of Rasan in Heyday's songs, this performance was modified more towards Rasan's solo work. Crisp transitions and airy sounding chords added a huge uplifting feeling with each stroke of the strings- what the fuck does that even mean? But you know what, it's true. With a combination of influences stemming from indie rock, folk, and maybe even a hint of grunge, Rasan put on a performance that should make his band proud of him as their front man.

Finishing out the night, Philadelphia's Fuzzy Slippers put on a heck of a performance. Different than the other artists that played that night, this was Fuzzy Slippers second time back at Freshy's- though this time, they were a full band. Fuzzy Slippers has fully transformed from a humble folk duo to a full of rock band. Their set was full of driving guitar licks, bass guitar embellishments out the "wazoo", and to match those dank ass licks- a goddamn electrified KAZOO. If you didn't find yourself screaming along to "Psycho Killer", or you couldn't stop bouncing around yelling "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME NOW", did you even stay in that dirty basement- WHICH I MIGHT ADD WASN'T HOT AS FUCK THIS SHOW- to watch Fuzzy Slippers? Awesome performance, and I can't wait to have all these artists back in the future.

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"Oi, gois!"

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