Lexi Spino: The Scuzz Poet

I wasn't sure exactly where to put Lexi Spino's feature, because she is both a talented writer as well as performer.

Lexi Spino is a poet from Pennsylvania. With punk rock influences in her blood, Lexi Spino delivers poems meant to shock, educate, and grab your attention. She's funny, captivating, and- to continue with this weeks apparent theme- a fuckin' awesome person to be around.

Spino performed at our September show at Freshy's in Manayunk in 2018. This was the first time I had put a poet on the same show as street punk and other punk inspired artists. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect as I was both uneducated about contemporary poets as well as did not know how attendees were going to react. Spino opened the show with laughter, and continued to "perform" with all eyes watching her the entire time. Between cheers and 40's being lifted in the air with satisfaction towards Spino's poems, Spino had immortalized her legacy here at Freshy's.

Now I am still an uneducated person when it comes to current poets, so take this with a grain of salt, but Lexi Spino's work reminds me of Kathleen Hanna's original spoken word performances- I hope people like Hanna, because I for one think she's both an influential powerhouse and an incredibly talented person. "Scuzz Poet" is a great name for Spino's work and I can't wait to see her perform again with more material.

Spino will be doing a June 2019 Tour in the Philadelphia region, including a performance at Freshy's once again on June 15th. If anyone is interested in playing that day, please let us know! It would be great to have a night packed with both punks and poets.

Check out some of Lexi Spino's work below, and be sure to see her live on June 15th here in Manayunk!


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