This is another post that is fuckin' long overdue.

Thorazine, a Philly punk band formed in the early 90's, is one of those bands that you absolutely need to go see live. It's not that they aren't great on their recordings, which they are, it's the fact that you can't appreciate the band to the fullest extent if you're only listening through your headphones.

Thorazine played our latest show this past October 2018 at Freshy's in Philadelphia. What drove me crazy about this show was the amount of great artists on the bill, yet a complete lack of attendance- hey Thorazine we are going to make it up to you!

Thorazine killed it. The combinations of guitar licks, cutting vocals, drumming styles that incorporate traditional and punk rock, and their smooth harmonies, make Thorazine an outstanding band to see live.

To add to that, one might think that a band consisting of local punk rock legends might be somewhat unapproachable, but this is further from the truth when it comes to them. Thorazine as just people are knowledgeable about their craft, have great stories they're willing to share, and just all around great people, adding to that live effect that you miss out on from just listening to them at home.

Thorazine aims to entertain you, and they hit the nail straight on the fucking head. Rogan is a staple in the band for entertainment. In between songs it's zingers after zingers bound to make you chuckle. If you have time to chat with them at their next show, be sure to ask about when Blink 182 opened for them- yes..Blink 182.

Thorazine is currently gearing up for a new album set to release in the near future.

Check out and follow Thorazine for music and show updates!

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