The End A.D.

Well it sure has been a while since our last post. This feature is about 3 months overdue, as this is one of my favorite Philly-area based bands.

The End A.D. are a metal/hardcore/punk group from Philadelphia. Their ability to captivate a whole room is insane. Through their powerful vocal screams, shredding guitar licks, and over the top drumming, The End A.D. are one of the best live bands I have seen in Philadelphia.

Their newest release, The Smell of Despair, was released this past September. The EP features songs like "Alien Face" and my personal favorite, "I Wanna Be Alone". If heavy music and involuntary head-banging are lacking in your life, The Smell of Despair should absolutely be added to your musical library.

Check out their music online with the links provided below! Also, be sure to check out "I Wanna Be Alone" below. I can't remember the last time I pulled out the two-step at any show, and this song makes it "litrally" impossible not to move around.

Be sure to catch The End A.D. at their upcoming gigs:

1.26.19 | Bar XIII | Wilmington, DE

2.15.19 | The Tusk | Philadelphia, PA

4.05.19 | The Fire | Philadelphia, PA

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