This past weekend, Trashcats made their Freshy's debut at one of SH's shows. I love doing these posts right after shows, because I am always super hyped to have seen these bands finally- hopefully you will be able to experience them soon as well.

Trashcats are a 4-piece punk band from South Philadelphia. A band that promotes themselves as a "shitty band" always seems to have a great effect on me when I see them live- because the bands are always good. Trashcats is a full force, heavy driven punk band that you would expect to hear from Philadelphia. If you don't constantly hear "SPP" chanting in your head while they play you're either not listening or have no appreciation for the quality of punk music that has become a staple in Philadelphia. Trashcats are one of those bands that instantly brings you back to being 15 in some random bar in South Philly seeing past bands like Hate and War and Combat Crisis. For a band that should make you feel pissed off and angry, they are sure to put a smile on your face- whether you fucking like it or not.

If you are in the Philly area, make sure to get out to one of their upcoming events. You won't regret it. Check out the upcoming dates, links to the bands EP Escape from Chinatown, and a video segment from this past weekends show.

10.20.18 | Alouth, Swinging Riot, No Nothing, Trashcats, Common Icon | Huggy Bear Manor, Philadelphia

12.15.18 | End of Hope, Thorazine, The End A.D., Trashcats | Century Bar, Philadelphia

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