Hey, its yer Uncle Dan!

So I had a dream last night that Uncle Dan brought this giant old school looking PA System to one of our shows, which for some reason was in the basement of someone else's house, only to initiate a fight, throw a PA speaker through the wall, and cause a straight up riot. If you happen to book shows and read this, I have not actually had any experience seeing Uncle Dan do this. This was merely inspiration.

Uncle Dan is a 5 piece "Drunk Punk" band from Philadelphia, PA. Back in July 2017, Uncle Dan released their first full length, Make Yourself at Home. Since then, they have been gigging heavily and blowing people's minds.

Uncle Dan is tight, raw, and one of the more interesting punk bands to see live. With Shawn on lead vocals, Uncle Dan solidifies itself as a true old school inspired punk band. In a music scene with a lot of impersonators, Uncle Dan is the real deal.

Check out Uncle Dan's upcoming events, and be sure to check out their links below!👌

9.22.18 | One Art Rock Fest | Philadelphia, PA

9.29.18 | Freshy's | Philadelphia, PA

10.06.18 | The Grape Room | Philadelphia, PA

11.21.18 |The Dirty Nil @ Voltage Lounge | Philadelphia, PA



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