[MUSIC VIDEO] The Hempsteadys: Still Life With Woodpecker

New London County's Ska band, The Hempsteadys, are back into action with a brand new music video for their song "Still Life with Woodpecker" from their newest release Séance! Séance! With their multitude of musical influences, The Hempsteadys deliver a video and song with Ska roots that mesh nicely with Alternative qualities. The Hempsteadys are not your usual ska punk band by definition, and truly possess unique characteristics as they are sure to stand out in your music library. Unless you hate every sub-genre of Rock music, I would find it hard for you to dislike The Hempsteadys.

Check out their video for Still Life With Woodpecker below! (And per usual- links to the bands social media accounts/ web pages can be found below!)

Website: https://www.thehempsteadys.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.hempsteadys Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehempsteadys/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehempsteady

'The Hempsteadys' sophomore album, "Séance! Séance!," is a focused attempt at making the great American rock and roll record. With a guest appearance by Vinnie Nobile (The Pilfers, The Suicide Machines) and mastered by Kyle Black (Paramore, Comeback Kid), Séance! Séance! takes aim to kick the door down with unforgettable hooks, a variety of rhythms, booming bass, and boisterous gang vocals.

The Hempsteadys pull from multiple genres, melding the sounds of Bouncing Souls and The Clash style punk with touches of modern soul and the reggae beats of contemporaries such as The Aggrolites, finished by a Bruce Springsteen drizzle. Séance! Séance! follows their debut record "El Amor De Los Muertos" a rock(steady) opera about love, friendship, and mayhem featuring your favorite b-movie monsters."

Orders for digital and vinyl copies of the album are available at www.thehempsteadys.com

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