Camel Tofu

Let me first start out saying that no matter how many times I look at the name "Camel Tofu" it weirds me out thinking about the consistency of what camel tofu might actually be- perfect name for a punk band. Let's get weird, y'all.

Camel Tofu is a punk rock band from Sullivan, Illinois. Their old-school guitar tones, vocals, and songs will take you back to the old school punk era with hints of everyone's favorite, Black Flag. I might be assuming too much from the readers, but if you don't even like just one Black Flag song, you're lying. Definitely check out Camel Tofu. They're a great addition to any punk's playlist.

Camel Tofu is:

Vocals - Jeremy "Jerm" Nolen

Lead Guitar - John Scott

Rhythm Guitar - Andrew Marshall

Bass - Scott Mast

Drums - Cody "Sweezy" Brumfield

Check out their song "Ride" below, and be sure to check them out at the links below!

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