The Damn Dirty Apes

The Damn Dirty Apes just graced us with their high intensity, in your face, groovy AF riffs last night at Freshy's in Manayunk. I still have very limited hearing in my left ear, and it was absolutely worth it. It is literally impossible to not feature this band, and quite frankly, it's way overdue.

The Damn Dirty Apes hail from the great land known as the Lehigh Valley. Their high intensity metal and punk driven music gives you all the energy you could possibly want in life.

The Apes have two records available for sale: The Apes of Wrath and their newest release, Ape Diablo. I would hate to prioritize one album over the other, because they both are fucking awesome, but Ape Diablo is on a completely different level (links can be found either below, or in our releases section).

The musicality of each member is far above any punk/hardcore band that I have seen live. When listening to their albums before hand I thought, there's no way this is their actual drummer playing on the record, especially in the era of programmed drums. Spoiler alert, its their actual drummer and he's fucking insane. And it's not even the drummer, but also the crisp guitar riffing, the bass shredding, and the in-your-face vocals. I'm pretty sure even Stacy's hand had torn ligaments (and a broken arm as well?). Insane.

Check out The Damn Dirty Apes at the links below (including their live show last night), and check out a few of my favorite tracks by them! Merch and Releases can be found on their main website as well as on our page!


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