Molly Rhythm

Molly Rhythm is a Punk/Metal group from Philadelphia, PA. I use the term "punk/metal", but quite frankly that doesn't do it justice. Molly Rhythm utilizes all sorts of influences from punk, to ska, to metal, to even hip hop. Did I mention they have a sweet horn section too? Because they do.

Molly Rhythm consists of Elissa, Nikki, Lori, Jon, Jeff, Erinn, and Zach- each with their own unique addition to the band. It's great to hear bands, that not only have a stage crammed with players, but also that each utilize their special talents and techniques to give this band alot of character. Dual vocalists adds a real harmonious element to their music and captivates the listener. I'd love to find out more about the background of these musicians, for you can hear so many different influences. It goes from circus-y (probably not a word) to fast paced punk, to straight up brutal screams- i'd like to reference specifically the vocal insanity of "You're perfect but it doesn't mean you're right" (from Elephant Graveyard). Shit gives you goosebumps and it lingers in your brain compartments and de-partments. I know Swearnet isn't reading this, but don't sue me for that last reference.

They have been my most played band in my car for the past couple months, and they're absolutely perfect for ANY circumstance. Angry? Molly Rhythm. Bad day? Molly Rhythm. Happy AF? Molly Rhythm.

I can't wait to finally see them live, and I can't wait for what is to come! They seem to truly do a lot for the music community which makes them infinitely cooler.

As usual, check out Molly Rhythm at the links below!

Both of Molly Rhythm's release can be found in the links below as well as our Releases section!

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