[REVIEW] The Apparents: The Face May Change EP

The Apparents are a new Punk band formed by Geordie (Machine Gun Etiquette, Vendetta) and Monty (Thunderfuck @ The Deadly Romantics, 16-50 Recording Studios) to play their own brand of punk. Covering a range of punk styles and with their "no bullshit, say it like it is" lyrics, The Apparents released their debut EP The Face May Change in early 2018 with a full length album in the summer to follow!The band will also be looking to arrange festivals gigs and some touring throughout 2018.

If you're one of those people- like me- who are afraid of clicking on a link to some new "punk" band only to be blindsided by some hippie indie bullshit: fear not. This is not one of those bands.

The Apparents' debut EP, The Face May Change, gives off the old 80's hardcore that got many people turned onto punk in recent years. The Face May Change is a barebones EP that packs of punch to remind people what punk rock is all about. With classic Oi! influences and a dissenting drive of anti-goverment themes, this EP is complete with your new favorite singles including "Tory Boy" and "This is Scotland". "Tory Boy" is undeniably my favorite song on this EP. I whole-heartedly believe that this song will be making its way across young and old punks across the world.

Lookout for The Apparents' new full length album coming Summer 2018, and be sure to purchase The Face May Change in the meantime.

Support the scene, you fuckin' muppet.

Check out the Video for "Tory Boy" below, and be sure to find the band's links below!




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