[COMIC BOOK] Colossal Chaos from Out of the Blue: Kickstarter Campaign!

"Colossal Chaos is the fourth Out of the Blue anthology of short comics. For this installment we wanted to celebrate all things oversized and monstrous. It's a great mix of action, excitement, and humor by 57 comic creators, writers and artists, from around the world. Kaiju and giant robot lovers will be happy with with stories of big battles and leveled cities. The Out of the Blue series always tries to bring in a bit of the unexpected, so there are some surprises and different takes on the gigantic theme.

We have two versions of the book: a standard softcover edition with cover art by Diego Galindo (Zenescope, Dynamite Comics) and a Kickstarter exclusive hardcover with a wraparound cover by Kelly Williams (Dark Horse, IDW). The book also includes the trans-humanist, sci-fi short, "Full Conversion", written by Rob Anderson. Rob writes My Little Pony for IDW, so it was nice to see him sink his teeth into a different kind of story. The cool thing about the Out of the Blue series is we are able to place the work of talented new comers side-by-side with some of the stars of the indie comic scene. In the anthology we have "Attack on Bug City!", which is a twist on the old giant bug movie genre. It was written by Alex Wills, Athena Stamos, and Brad Hansen with awesome bug illustrations by Claudio Munoz. The short was a finalist in the Ghost City Comics competition. And we also have a lots of returning creators who have been involved in other installments. Writer Mark Bertolini (Action Lab, Alterna) and illustrator Daniel Franco open the volume with "The Race Against TIme", an action story featuring returning hero The Hand of Glory versus a destructive giant robot. Writer, Chas! Pangburn is another Out of the Blue veteran who brings some comedy in "Past Due Kaiju", a comic a postman who needs to deliver a parcel to a very big addressee. It's been exciting for us to see comic shorts that started in an Out of the Blue anthology go on to become their own comic series and the creators go on to do awesome things in comics.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through April. With it we look forward to exposing these comic creators to a worldwide audience. We're also raising funds to supply the creators with personal copies of the book. Kaiju lovers who want to help can pick up a copy of the book along with some awesome limited edition rewards. Diego Acevedo (creator of the short "The Last Hit") is offering custom kaiu drawings as a special reward."

Check out the Kickstarter Promo Video below, and be sure to Pre-Order your copy of Colossal Chaos from the link below!


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