The Boardwalk Kings

"The Boardwalk Kings are Travis Coffin on lead Vocals and guitars, Vinny Marone on backing vocals and Lead Guitars, Matt Pagan on Drums, and Pete Samulus on Bass.

We’re four veteran musicians from the South Jersey Punk Rock Scene who have toured the US, played in front of thousands, and jammed over the radio airwaves. But... that was BEFORE we became The Boardwalk Kings.

We’ve been together as a band since August of 2017 and have already amassed a loyal following after playing a relentless local show schedule in Philadelphia and NJ.

Our new single “Still Got It” not only represents the ability to tap into our punk rock roots while developing our sound into other musical directions, but it’s also a story about having that passion and desire left deep down in your gut. Our passion for music and storytelling is deeper than ever, and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s to come!"

-Vinny, The Boardwalk Kings

Check out The Boardwalk Kings' new single "Still Got It" below!

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