"Formed in 2014 by Townsend Merritt, Matt Veigh, Dylan Carney and Clayton Merritt, Sketchie hit the ground running recording a full length right off the bat, and hopping on as many shows as possible. 2015 brought the Lost in Sedation EP along with Brandon Thrift on drums, solidifying the sound.

With members spread between Sarasota and Tallahassee we have to work our asses off to put shows together, but still make it happen on the reg, because it’s what we love to do! Now high energy, and politically charged ska-punk tuned to a city near you! Sketchie have become Sarasota’s “Keepers of the Faith” when it comes to Ska-Punk music. We’ve hit the scene hard over the last 4 years, releasing a 9 song demo in 2014 followed by the Lost in Sedation EP in 2015, and we’ve got another full length on its way in 2018.

Sketchie has cemented itself as one of the “go-to” bands when touring ska-punk acts hit the peninsula, supporting bands from numerous states, countries and even four different continents. We’ve traveled to almost every city in the state to keep spreading our sound, and it’s only getting better from here."

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