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"My name is N.S Kane and I am a comic creator from Sydney, Australia.

I have a background in Fine Arts but I'm not that great at drawing though I do have a great eye for laying out comics and bringing characters to life.

​I got into writing comics national level cosplayer. That was when my partner decided to look for something more fun to cosplay and get rid of the pressure we had been under for the past 4 years. We discovered that the backs of the comic trades usually had scripts in them and I have never looked back.

​I have been writing for almost four years on several projects for companies such as; RIA Comics and the If Powers Anthology which includes a number of short stories of my works. I have been the co-writer of the series The Remains by Hollow Prismacation which is a spin-off from the successful Amelia Sky series. I have also been the head writer for the company Hyperverse Comics on the projects Nothing-Man and Fox and Hound which have both been successfully kickstarted for Scattered Comics.

Furthermore, I am also co-writer of an Australian based series called Resurgence which is by an Australian creative team, currently in print.

As well as working for different companies, I have been working on my own indie series, scripting, producing material, publishing, and lettering. I have written several published comics so far with three being picked up by an American publisher Nerdanatrix and lettering for some clients series as well.

Some of my own works include short stories such as Clockwork, Sushi and In your Wickedness as well as longer series like Devil X 3 and Delicious. "

Check out N.S. Kane Comics at:


Email: nskanecomics@gmail.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/N.S.Kanecomics

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