[MUSIC VIDEO] The Rocket: Lost at Sea

"Synth driven pop punk outfit The Rocket aims to bring a refreshing take on the classics they all grew up with. With a keen ear for infectious melodies and an illustrious live reputation, the band has played big stages such as Groezrock, Europe’s biggest punk rock festival.

After a break to pursue other musical endeavours, The Rocket are back in full effect. Their new single ‘Lost At Sea’, is proof of the reinvigorated energy and ambition the quintet brings to the table.

'Lost At Sea’s a song about feeling small within a failing relationship. It’s about the inability to steer the ship the other way while there’s clearly an iceberg in sight (pardon the sea pun). It’s the second new song to be released from our upcoming album, and we’re really proud of it.

In the clip for Lost At Sea, we see an (at first careless) young kid trying to cope with the outcome of his own undoing: he wishes everyone in the world would just vanish – which is exactly what happens. In the end though, he can’t handle the loneliness. I guess one of the main sentiments we tried to express with this is “wish for the best but be careful what you wish for”. Also: if you want something bad enough, it might just happen and that’s not always a good thing.

The video was completely produced by Fred & Stijn – even the toy rocket and cockpit were made by them. The band received help from an external camera operator for some of the shots but all post production and the concept both were 100% The Rocket. We’re really happy with how it the video turned out, and we think it conveys and enhances the message of the song great,' reveals the band.

Buckle up, because it’s only just begun. The band's new album will be out in April 2018!"

Check out The Rocket's new video "Lost at Sea" below along with links to their websites!




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