SNU:MeN : German Punks Fed the Fuck Up

"In 2011 the guys of SNU:MeN from Ingolstadt/Germany were fed up with cover-music and decided to do their own thing. They took pen and paper and started writing their own songs. After a few gigs and many hours in the rehearsing room they took a handful of songs to the recording studio. Soon after in the fall of 2012 they held their first EP "This is not the end" in their hands. In 2014 this was followed by the debut album "No time to rest", which was created 100% DIY in the bands recording rehearsal room "SNUdio". After more than two years of hard work the band will release their new self-entitled album "SNU:MeN" in November 2017.

SNU:MeN are playing a mixture of Punk-Rock and Nu-Rock made up of melodic guitar parts and duo-phonic vocal lines which are alternated by metal riffs and hardcore screams. They call this mix "(S)Nu-Punk/Rock" and it will guarantee party-atmosphere, especially live!"

Check out their Official video for "Children of Today...I'm Still Waiting" below!

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