Secret Sound: The Next Biggest Funk Act of Jersey

Secret Sound has been bringing their own blend of danceable, funky jams to our fans all over New Jersey and beyond. Based out of one of the Northeast US's most vibrant music scenes, Asbury Park, NJ, Secret Sound's debut EP features five different takes on funk and rock; a hot-blooded funk tune in the tradition of James Brown (I'll Be Your Jungle Lover), a dance song about archangels and sacred ambiguity (Metatron), and a psychedelic cowboy-story song that questions the norms of American traditions (Largemouth Bass).

Secret Sound is Kevin Hill, Adam Alexander, Dave Ferraro, Andy Feldman, and Bob Larsen.

Secret Sound just released their new self-titled EP Secret Sound. Check out their website at for purchase options for the new record!

Check out Secret Sound live at their upcoming events!

3/23: 7:00PM Stanhope House w/ Popa Chubby, Stanhope, NJ.

4/7: 7:00PM The Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ

5/4: 8:00PM Triumph Brewing Company, New Hope, PA

Check out their lead-off track , "I'll Be Your Jungle Lover" below!

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