"Our name is SiCKPiG. we started out in 2010 and have been gigging since 2011. We play high energy, hardcore punk with elements of thrash/metal in there, but we just call it scumpunk', and have even experimented with a classic rock n roll inspired number! We've played all over the place and right now were writing our 4th release which we hope to record at the end of 2018..."

SiCKPiG hails from Southwest England, our second English feature of the day. SiCKPiG has three releases available for streaming on their sites: The Purge (2016), Death to Sickpigs (2013), and Misanthropy (2011).

For all our English readers, if you're in the area, check out SiCKPiG's upcoming shows:

Stream their albums at the links below!

If you're looking for The Ramones, you're in the WRONG FUCKIN' PLACE. SiCKPiG will make you shit bricks.

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