[Review] Familiar Things: Fade Into the Scenery

"Familiar Things is a five-piece pop punk/alternative rock band from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of suburban Pennsylvania and South Jersey. The band finalized its lineup in the summer of 2017, consisting of Jon Puleio (guitar/keys/vocals), Chris Simmons (bass/vocals), Tyler Magazzu (guitar/vocals), Kevin Murray (guitar/vocals), and Ammiel Hundley (drums). After a long songwriting process in Chris' basement rehearsal space, the band went public with its first single, "Okay, Then" on December 1, 2017, and eventually self-released their debut five-song EP, "Fade Into The Scenery" on February 23, 2018, which we was self-recorded and self-produced in Tyler's home recording studio."

Pop punk has become the hated step child of the music scene in recent years, deemed a "less than" when pinned against new alternative and punk bands. With "Defend Pop Punk" and "I Don't Need to Pump My Fist to Look Sweet" t-shirts, Pop Punk has been fighting back. Familiar Thing's album Fade Into the Scenery is a statement piece in the new age pop punk scene while paying tribute to the "OG's" through their notable influences that can be heard (I won't name the specific bands). The album is just straight up a nostalgic album for those who had an extensive Pop punk Bearshare library or collection of "Cool Burn" blank CDs- always readily available for another mix CD.

"Tourniquet" is the lead-off track of Fade Into the Scenery, setting the stage for an arrangement of unique songs, making it a super easy album to listen to on repeat (currently got the head moving back and forth and the headphones blasting). Throw Fade Into the Scenery on your car playlist, and let the album woo your significant other.

"The band's songwriting style is influenced by the pop punk wave of the early to mid 2000s, including bands like The Starting Line, Yellowcard, and Mayday Parade, while including more non-traditional pop punk instrumentation and arrangements, including piano, acoustic guitar, and three-part vocal harmonies.

Familiar Things recently played their first ever show earlier this month at William Street Common with The Happy Fits during their three-night residency in Philadelphia, along with three other local bands moon days, Buddie and Stoops. On February 23rd, they celebrated the release of their debut EP with a headlining show with local bands Saver and Minor Nelson on the downstairs main stage at Kung Fu Necktie. Their next show in Philadelphia will be on March 24th at the Spring Launch at the Voltage Lounge to support the album releases of In Different Sounds and moon days. Further Familiar Things shows in Philadelphia and the tri-state area are to be announced in the near future."

Check out Familiar things at the links below!


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