[Review]Screaming Females: All At Once

I can remember being a teenager and going to see the Screaming Females at Siren Records in Doylestown, PA without ever having listened to them prior. I was blown away by their live energy, not to mention being the first punk band I had ever seen live with a female singer. I couldn’t believe how they could fill the room with so much sound for only being a three piece band. In the last decade or so, the band has evolved into a totally different, yet completely familiar sound. Each album brings new ideas to their music, building on what they have already perfected.

Few albums have a name that summarizes the music on it as well as All At Once by the Screaming Females. Spanning a massive 16 songs, this encompasses the New Jersey band’s entire career. The album opens with “Glass House,” sporting strong guitar hits, a steady bass line, and Marissa Paternoster’s powerful voice, slowly building until it erupts into the echoing chorus, giving the classic sound any Screaming Females fan is looking for, complete with a violin riff to end the song on an impressive note.

A quick bass line with some shredding guitar follows to open the next song, “Black Moon.” This song goes back to the early days of “Baby Teeth” in its punk background, but has a much more mature vocal pattern. The catchy chorus is sure to get stuck in your head for a while—that is until the next track, “I’ll Make You Sorry.”

In what may not only be the catchiest Screaming Females song ever, but also may be the catchiest song of the year, the song begins with a bassline with the lines “I’ll make you sorry,” booming over it a couple of times before thrusting into a very Rush-inspired guitar line. The chorus picks up in some of Marissa’s highest recorded notes. It has a wonderful pop sound that has you bound to be humming it for the rest of the day after hearing it. This, like many songs after it, features a great guitar solo.

With so many more song on the album that span so many different sounds, it’s hard to choose a favorite or even dive into detail on all of them. Some highlights include “Dirt,” ”Soft Domination,” and “Fantasy Lens.”

Check out All At Once, out now on Don Giovanni Records. The Screaming Females are currently on tour, so go find a show by you and check them out. It’s a concert you definitely won’t want to miss.

You can find tour dates and get their new album at :


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