The Average

The Average, which originally consisted of Hector Belarmino, Andrew Kowalewski, and Riley Young, was created in 2013 after Hector received a text randomly one night while he was at camp over the summer where his friend asked him if he wanted to be in a band Andrew was starting. When they returned to high school in their freshman year, after noticing that other bands were forming in their high school, Andrew and Hector started taking the band more seriously and began writing songs throughout their freshman year, with Andrew being the bassist and Hector being the vocalist and guitarist.

When the 2014-2015 year came around, they started playing acoustic versions of their songs at the open mics that were occasionally held at their high school in Bel Air. They also attempted to make very rough recordings of their early songs with their friend Austin Pierce-Ptak helping with the drums. It wasn’t until 2015 however, after they performed another acoustic version of their songs, Riley Young approached Hector during a drama rehearsal in the backstage, offering to be the drummer for The Average. At that point, The Average became a more full-fledged band where they started to record their first full length album in Riley’s basement.

Over the course of the 2016 year, The Average were recording music which would eventually become the first album Melancholy with a Side of Fries. They began selling hard copies of their CDs to people throughout their high school and started garnering a very small fanbase in their small town of Bel Air. After certain events that occurred in 2017, The Average went through some bumps in the road of their journey, where briefly for personal reasons, Hector abruptly ended the band as he left to go attend Temple University in Philadelphia. After seeing the opportunities within the Philadelphia music scene and its rich artistic history, Hector approached Riley and Andrew to bring back the band to which they agreed.

After some creative differences that caused Hector and Riley to butt heads with Andrew, Andrew subsequently left the band, and he was then replaced by friend and former band rival Scott Nowaskey also from Bel Air. The Average plans to release an EP within the next few months, another album within a year or two, and play in various venues throughout the Northeast as well as exposing the Maryland brand of indie/punk emo to a larger audience.

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