[Review] Oh Oh Ecstasy: The Kinda You Like

Over this past week we have been getting a lot of new music to review. The newest single we've listened to is Oh Oh Ecstasy's The Kinda You Like, released February 14, 2018 on their Bandcamp.

The Kinda You Like is a track that pays homage to psychedelic influenced greats like Ween and the Flaming Lips. It's trippy, it's relaxing, and it's well executed. Add the Lo-fi music video for it, and you've got an 80's kids wet dream.

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy is the doing of New York/Jersey native Peter Carlovich, a multi-instrumentalist who is responsible for most of the sounds if not all heard on the recordings. Musically untrained in guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, and glockenspiel, Peter also records all the music himself either in his parents garage in New Jersey or various spots throughout New York State. His sound over the past 2 years of activity has already evolved one, twice, thirds, to the point where the sound can only be described as genres bleeding into each other to the point of contamination. Earlier sounds were modeled after a “surf rock” sound, until the incorporation of punk influences quickly gave OOX its reputation for sudden genre hopping, especially after the sudden incorporation of experimental and electronic arrangements. The line up has changed significantly over the years, first starting out as a three piece, then growing into a four person group effort, until that line up inevitably dissolved, leaving Peter to take total control to force the most authentic representation of the music in his head. Now, the live band serves as a revolving door for Peter to work with different line ups almost every show. The sound of the live band varies but never disappoints. Peter’s recordings have been surfacing for years before under different names like Shoes Off Rule, or CandyFlips (w/ Chris Elmer), until finally sticking with the my bloody valentine inspired name Oh, Oh, Ecstasy. The first release an EP titled “Lo Fi Goodness” was an extremely distorted and confused effort that received some minor “internet buzz”. Only a few months after another EP was released titled “Vista Cruiser.” The EP’s more refurbished (but still “low fi”) sound and a wider spectrum of sounds led to critial acclaim including spots on two websites “best eps of 2011” lists. 2012 was slower for Peter in public activity. Now working with a new “fixed” line up, the band managed to release two 3 song EPs/singles. The inactivity from playing live also left Peter to record over 3 full length albums and EPs including newest editions: "Kill Me Mama - EP", "And You'll Never Know - EP", "Murder Tape - LP", Salon De Refusés - LP" , LP "8 Trk". and upcoming "Nightlife is For You." Like Peter's native New Jersy, the same goes for his music, you have to look past the crap to find the good, it's there. "​

Check out The Kinda You Like You below and be sure to check out Oh Oh Ecstasy !



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