[Review] Kick Snare Crash: The Secret Life of Science

South Carolina Indie Rock/ Britpop inspired band, Kick Snare Crash, released their newest album, Vol. 1: The Secret Life of Science in November of 2017.

Kick Snare Crash pays homage to 90's bands like Blur in their new album. The album is raw, without any sort of post-production "flair" that would distract from the creative process. There is a lot of emotion written in each of the tracks, and whether you can relate or not, you understand what the band is trying to say. Perfect spring weather album mixed with dunking Wendy's Chicken nuggets in honey mustard. It has a very honey mustard feel to it- I think.

Check out their track The Secret Life of Science below!

"What started off as an experiment between Drew Montgomery and Marcus Ledbetter to write and record some songs back and forth turned into what was potentially a "solo" record for Drew. After watching this thing evolve into something more it was decided that this was more than just a solo record. Drew had started a band back in 2013 called Kick. Snare. Crash. that had played a few shows, but it never really got off the ground, so this is the new version of Kick. Snare. Crash. Welcome to Vol. 1 of a series of EP's that are in the works.

All of these songs were written and recorded in the home studios of Drew and Marcus. "We wanted to make this a very organic and 'grass-roots' type of record. It sounds like a record we did ourselves, without any big studio equipment. We used what we had, and picked up a few things along the way to improve our capabilities, but wanted to make sure it maintained its endearing, just two dudes making a record quality."

Drew has been playing in bands and writing songs for over 20 years. Some of his past bands were Jesus Flying Rocket Ship, More Than Electric, The Only, Via la Vulture, and there were quite a few others as well. He also had the opportunity to tour with Bleach (Forefront Records / Tooth and Nail Records) as lead guitar for a brief period as well. After taking some time off from releasing any new music, he has reemerged as Kick. Snare. Crash. with this first EP Vol.1 and is currently working on Vol.2 alongside with Marcus Ledbetter. "



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