The U.S. Americans

"The band formed in the '90s in Forest Hills, with two first generation Americans: Russian Jeff Weiss and Afghan/French/Uzbek/Egyptian/Isreali Roy Abraham. The two guys were cutting class and ran into Joey Ramone at Sam Ash on Queens Blvd. They asked him for advice he'd give young musicians, to which he responded, "Find anything better to do, music sucks." With that said, Weiss got into the taxi game, climbed the ranks, made some coin, got bored and cashed out. Abraham, the NY hustler and 21st-century beatnik, California-carnie-turned-real-estate broker, hadn't picked up a guitar in over decade. He had run into Weiss at a show in New Jersey, and the two kicked around the idea of getting together to jam on a couple Pixies tunes; that's when it clicked.

Weiss found Dan Deychak, a Ukrainian second generation Brooklyn transplant who self-taught himself code and is an A.I whiz. He also happened to have a natural songwriting ability and proclivity towards acoustic guitar.

The band was finally born and began to cycle through drummers Spinal Tap-style. Soon, they poached Emerson Williams from another group. Williams ancestry traces all the way back to the Mayflower and he’s an experienced sound engineer, who produces large scale events around the world.

Playing the three P’s – Progressive Psychedelic Punk-Rock – the U.S. Americans have sunk their flag into the NYC punk scene and plan to stick around to spread life, liberty and the pursuit of music."

Check out The U.S. American at the links below, and be sure to watch their video for "Fuck the KGB".

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