[REVIEW] Idle Waves: Alpern

Today's review features New Jersey's Idle Wave and their December 2017 release, "Alpern".

Let me just say, I miss bands like this. Not discrediting bands like this that already exist, but bands that do the 2000's Pop Punk well have a special place in my heart. I'm not entirely sure where Alpern is located, but I can just imagine skateboards, Element Tshirts, and belly shirts. "Alpern" perfectly executes the right amount of "cheese" with its delivery. Hate pop punk/ emo all you want, but no punk is above a good party song. I love this song, and can't wait to hear more from Idle Wave.

"The song reminisces the days back in college meeting up and starting the band in the house we threw parties out of. Upon releasing the single we have been booking shows around Asbury Park but are also branching out to states such as Virginia, Delware and upstate New York. " - Guy, Idle Wave

Check out "Alpern" below and be sure to check out Idle Wave!


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