Boogieman Dela

"Boogieman Dela is as complex an artist as the name suggests. This Philly native grew up in a large musically inclined family with three sisters and a brother, all with an aptitude for singing and various instruments. In Boog's elementary years, he studied the drums and the trumpet which began building the foundation of his musical genius.

Growing up in the church, Boog found a way to blend his upbringing with the sounds of the streets he looked to in his early teens. He gained acclaim as a vicious battle rapper yet returned his focus back to writing and making music as he grew as an artist.

The authentic sound that Boogie conveys captured the attention of local entertainment group, Sensi Starr Records, in 2016. His affiliation with the group caught the eyes of a whole new community and has released his first project 10/27/17 titled "Broken Watch" with the Philadelphia based record label.

Boogieman Dela has shared the stage with many artists touring Philadelphia including The Gza, Dj Premier, Mobb Deep, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Pharcyde and more.

Check out Boogieman Dela's new video for "Today" below ! Be sure to check out Boogieman Dela's newest album release, Broken Watch 01: My Time .


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