[REVIEW] SVUVN : Don't Leave

SVUVN is a New York based experimental electronic musician.

FFO: Purity Ring, MssingNo, CRIM3S

March 17 marks the date for SVUVN's new single to be released, entitled Don't Leave.

"Don't Leave" is a callback to my previously discontented views of my own queer identity and sexuality in the current human rights climate. The song is written in the personified perspective of that identity. While it plays out like a breakup song, "Don't Leave" is an anthem of disassociation and reclamation.

Don't Leave" was recorded and produced by SVUVN, with additional vocals by longtime and frequent collaborator, Emily Rowan. A music video and an artist website will also be published around the release date of "Don't Leave" (3/17/2018)."

Because we have that special access over here , we at Stanky Hampster got an exclusive first listen of Don't Leave!

Dont' Leave takes its time to engage its audience, as its easy for the listener to be enshrined in an auditory atmosphere in the song's intro. It's hard to anticipate where the song goes from there at first, but it settles and resolves in a clean and smooth way, fully bringing the deep-seated raw emotion out. The track is exceptionally produced, as SVUVN brings you electronic/experimental music that feels so much more than a simple plug and play artist. SVUVN is on the road to being a master of their art!


twitter.com/svuvnsooon soundcloud.com/svuvn svuvn.bandcamp.com

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