Blue Lizard

"[With the influences of STP, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Helmet, RATM, Foo Fighters, and Black Sabbath, BLUE LIZARD really puts out a classic, in your face, type of sound. The vocals are raw, the guitar riffs are heavy, and the rhythm section is always keeping it in the groove.

The band is made up of 2 cousins, Ryan Lamon and Mikey O'Connor, and two great friends, Josh Lang and Joey Wamsley. At the ages of just 10 and 7, Ryan and Mikey started playing guitar together and created "BLUE LIZARD" in 2008. Many people ask "why Blue Lizard?" Well, as the story goes, Ryan was at CVS with his Uncle Mike(Mikey's Dad) and they saw a sunscreen called "Blue Lizard" and his uncle says "What a great band name", as he always says when he sees something completely random, and the rest is History. After years of jamming, Mikey and Ryan wanted to actually create a full band and Joey Wamsley was the perfect fit in the drummer spot. Ryan and Joey met in the 8th grade(2012) and have been jamming ever since. It was not until 2014 when Blue Lizard finally created a full line-up, because of a text from a longtime high school acquaintance of Ryan and Joey's, Josh Lang. Josh and Ryan always talked music whenever they saw each other in school, but would never hangout outside of school, and Joey and Josh played in the high school band together for 3 years. Josh wanted to start a band and said that we should definitely keep the name "Blue Lizard" because of the history and how easily it could get stuck in someones head. We now had 2 guitar players, a drummer, and a bass player, but no singer. Josh would always tell Ryan to sing, but he never would do it. They had complete songs with lyrics, but still no singer. It wasn't until the band was asked to play their 1st show that Ryan now had to step up to the mic. The show was a success so they stuck with the line-up.

Since that 1st show, it has been 3 years and Blue Lizard has been on a hot streak. They have released their 1st album "UNSIGNED" with hits "Wicked Thoughts", "Last Chance" and "DRAG". They recently released their 1st music video for the song "DRAG" and it has gained ground on YouTube with 2.3k views in the first month. Because of the success, 95.9 WRAT radio named it "MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK" and gave Blue Lizard 3 straight nights of airtime. Blue Lizard has been on radio stations in Great Britain, Ecuador, France, and California. They have opened up for ill Nino at the Starland Ballroom and are opening up for Crazy Town in March. Blue Lizard has no signs of stopping and will do whatever it takes to get their music recognized.

They are currently working on their Sophomore Album and will be releasing singles very soon. "This album is more dynamic, lyrics are way deeper, but the message is still the same" says the band]"


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