[SINGLE RELEASE] Jonny Lemons: Coastal

"Jonny Lemons began his musical journey when he started touring around with rock bands in 2010. While spending the last 6 years writing records and touring, he was inspired by the artistic value of R&B/Soul music and slowly engulfed himself in the music. With time, he learned to compose and produce his own music."

When I think of Phoenix, AZ , I think mountains, wine, metal, and rock festivals, but there's a new sound sound radiating from the Grand Canyon State, and that sound is Jonny Lemons.

Lemons' recent single release of "Coastal" has made a convincing argument to be a serious competitor on the pop charts. While mixing aspects of Alternative Rock and Pop, "Coastal" encapsulates you in a musical journey of vocal and instrumental dominance. Like good Pop/Alternative songs, this song boasts cheesey yet convincing content-plus the track is very reminiscent of a Mike Shinoda heavy Linkin Park single, as Lemons clearly has influence from that musical time period.

Check out Jonny Lemons and his video for the newest single, "Coastal" , below!




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