[REVIEW] Dullside: Out of Breath EP

I remember getting this submission last week and really loving Dullside's new EP. You might not think I actually listen to all the bands that submit, but I absolutely do. Take Dullside for example; literally driving around doing errands and jamming the FUCK out to this new EP.

As someone who LOVES punk and gets excited about punk reviews (most familiar with the genre), Dullside was a stupid easy one to comment on.

Playing in a punk band can be a hassle, when trying to juggle something "believable" and something that remains true to the subculture, but Out of Breath walks into the room with their dick out. The album is loud and abrasive the way punk should be, while still being a listenable album. While it might not have an East Coast punk/hardcore vibe, it pays homage to punk scene greats like Bad Religion and Time Again. Love this album, and can't wait to give it another listen when I head out later today.

Dullside is a 3 piece punk rock band from Johnson City,TN. Formed in the summer of 2017, they quickly wrote and recorded 4 songs at local Fahrenheit Studios, with Travis Kammeyer. The EP entitled “Out Of Breath” is out now digitally(spotify, itunes, apple music...) and limited cassette through their self created label, Life Sucks Recordings. FFO: Lagwagon, Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, NOFX, Off With Their Heads.

IG: @dullsideband



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