[Review] iamCURBIE: Better Late Than Forever

In today's review, we will be looking at acoustic artist, iamCURBIE and their upcoming release, Better Late Than Forever. Though the album will not be releasing for another month, we got an exclusive look at the new album over here at Stanky Hampster. This no frills acoustic album will find a spot in your collection- whether it's during a long late night drive, or calming you down as you try to make deadlines with your work. Though acoustic music tends to be monotonous in nature, iamCURBIE avoids the stigma and keeps the listener engaged with songs that tend to be unique from one another.

"iamCURBIE is a singer songwriter/loop artist hailing from the Jersey Shore. He played guitar in bands that always seemed to be looking for singers. Singer after singer after singer came and went until he finally said “I’m going to do this myself.”

After 5 long years of writing and perfecting his songs "Better Late Than Forever" was born and will be released on 3-3-18. A 6 date Mid Atlantic Tour will follow shortly after in support of this record.

Although you might catch yourself singing and humming along to Curbie's memorable melodies long after they have reached their end, the lyrics behind them are far from fun and games. His unique ability to take a serious, real life situation and flip, flop, mix, mold, and weave happiness into a song will leave you asking for more.

While heavily rooted in classic rock, alternative, and reggae; the pop sensibilities really shine through."

Official artist of www.pickguy.com

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