[Review] The Inversion Circus: InTents (Fire At The Big Top)

In today's review, we checked out The Inversion Circus' 2017 release of InTents (Fire at the Big Top).

While instrumental bands might not be everyone's forte, InTents brings an almost videogame like enjoyment to their tracks, producing their take on Funk and Metal fusion. What makes InTents such a unique album- and a breath of fresh air from artists like Satriani and Steve Vai- is there ability to give their fellow musicians their respected parts; the drummer has his time to shine, the bass player has his chance to chop through the mix, and the guitarist enters at the appropriate time to shred your dick off- metaphorically speaking. This album isn't just a great representation of these musicians' talents, but a fascinating and believable production where all the musicians had similar, if not equal input. InTents (Fire at the Big Top) can be found below, along with The Inversion Circus' links !

"The Inversion Circus was born in 2014 as the brain child of guitarist Chris Macock and bassist Chris Davison. The idea was to create music they wanted to play despite what is popular. Chris and Chris have been playing together in various projects for the last 20+ years and have an inseparable musical bond (not to mention they are like brothers) which allows them to easily jump from one genre to another and still know what the other is about to do, and can be heard in their music.

When it came time to get a drummer, there was no search at all. Drummer Ronnie Mormino was the automatic choice to fill the seat. He and Chris Davison played for many years in another NJ based hard rock band called Tomorrows Past where they too had formed a tight bond that only a drummer and bassist can have. Ronnie's background in music was primarily in the rock/hard rock world with heavy influences from drummers such as John Bonham and Neil Peart. He would describe himself as more of a "pocket" drummer than a showman, always trying to keep a heavy groove you can sink your teeth in ahead of flashy playing, though he certainly throws some in there! Since the formation of the band, Ronnie has expanded his horizons into the world of odd meters, poly rythems, and jazz techniques.

Guitarist Chris Macock on the other hand, began his musical journey playing classical piano. This soon changed after hearing the works of bands like Metallica and Joe Satriani at a very young age. This immediately triggered the desire to be a lead guitarist. Since then, he studied some theory through high school and college as well as playing in the school jazz ensembles and several original and cover bands. His passion though was outside of school, constantly playing guitar and developing his own unique style of playing and writing. Some of his strongest influences are from guitar greats such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Nuno Bettencourt, and Paul Gilbert to name a few. Due to the nature of The Inversion Circus' musical range, Chris felt a change was needed very early on in the life of the band and has switched to 7 string guitar and never looked back!

Bassist Chris Davison began playing bass at age 10 taking beginner lessons for a short while from his school music teacher and family friend and almost immediately started playing along side of Chris Macock. The roots of his musical background stemmed from southern rock, but quickly spread into the world of progressive rock and metal as well as a heavy jazz and funk influence. Primarily self taught for the majority of his musical life, he learned the techniques of players like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, and Stanley Clarke before stepping up to six string bass. Influenced by six string greats such as Anthony Jackson, Steve Bailey, and Oteil Burbridge, he has developed his own style and sound. Always looking to push himself, Chris has been furthering his education studying under Berklee bass professor Joe Macaro as well as taking up electric upright bass which will be heard in future works of The Inversion Circus.

Together, they form The Inversion Circus. The approach to writing is unlike that of any other band in that if they can imagine it, they will do it. The goal moving forward is to constantly push the envelope of creativity and blend styles and genres that would ordinarily never be together to create a unique sound and experience for the listener while challenging themselves musically. In true circus fashion, they aim to be a musical variety show of sorts that has something for everyone as well as some things you never even knew you wanted! Come one, come all.. Welcome to The Inversion Circus!" - www.theinversioncircus.com

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