Best Hit TV

New Jersey DIY Pop-Noise band, Best Hit TV, find its way over to Stanky Hampster today. I wish I had a better intro, but this band is "the tits".

"We've been playing music together for 6 months and playing shows across northern New Jersey. As we've been preparing for shows, we've been developing new material and continually re-working songs in our practice space. Located in Newark, NJ, our practice space doubles as our recording studio. In January, we took a break from playing shows to more directly work on recording our record, Being Emotionally Manipulative isn't Very Punk Rock of You. With access to this recording gear, we have been fastidiously recording all of our material and have up to five different versions of certain songs to choose from for our record. We've also released two EPs that showcase our material and process, as well."

BHTV is: Andrew Sheldon [vocals, guitar, keyboards]; Emily Shown [vocals, drums, keyboards]; Steve Fredericks [bass])

Be sure to look out for a follow up interview with Best Hit TV , as we will be discussing the writing process with 9-5 jobs, losing a band member after the first gig, and producing records while members are still learning their parts!

Below you will find links to Best Hit TVs bandcamp!

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