[New Album Release] American Lions "Serf Rock"

"American Lions is a rock and roll band hailing from New Brunswick, NJ. Deeply rooted in the DIY community, the band began in August 2013. After releasing two EPs & an acoustic single, the band returned to The Panda Studios in January 2017 to record their first full-length album. Produced and mixed by Sam Pura (TSSF/Basement/Hundredth), the album shows a wide variety of growth, emotion, and more. With a sound described as “rock and roll for all people.”

Their new album Serf Rock was released yesterday, February 2, 2017.

This album engages its audience with a beautiful chaos of various genres that seemingly finds its way to smoothly resolve.

With songs from "Rainy Day", to "Black Spot", to "Oh No", listeners can expect to take an interesting journey through Serf Rock.

Check out their new album at: AmericanLions.Bandcamp.com

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