Brandish is a socio-political punk rock band from Philadelphia/ Lansdale today.

They also happen to be one of the best and tightest punk bands in Philadelphia that I have seen on multiple occasions. They are hard hitting, effective, and believable. They aren't try-hards, but will challenge you to personally try harder- to wake up and make a meaningful difference in your life.

"Brandish doesn’t have many shows planned for the near future. The big focus right now is new material. There are talks of a split with our friends Destructo Disk from Virginia. Talk of a tentative vinyl release for that as well.

I’d say the overall message for Brandish is to take your environment and really examine it. Question it. Resist it. For me personally, that means an environment of white supremacist, sexist, jingoistic, consumerist (the list goes on) indoctrination. That’s the environment I grew up in, as I believe the lot of us in this country do. That’s still pretty vague I guess. It only scratches the surface, but hopefully gives you an idea of what we’re about.

Also, the power of the riff. Though it is more of a vehicle for what we’re trying to say, never underestimate the power of the riff. We believe in it. You should too." -Ryan Casmirri, Brandish

Check out Brandish at

Check out their live performance below at OPOTW studios:

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