[MUSIC] Phaze-A-Matics

"Phaze-A-Matics is an inspiring recording artist with intent to establish an indestructible foundation which he and the PFM TEAM will build out of this atmosphere. PHZ has performed on over 200 stages across the United States, opening up for the top acts in the business PHZ is well on his way to the top. Phaze-A-Matics was born in Chicago, Illinois January 4th,1990. As a child PHZ grew up faster then others due to the violence in his home and city. You see, PHZ's father was a drug dealer/gang member in "Little Village", which is an all Mexican community on Chicago's South Side. With that being said, The majority of PHZ's early childhood was spent riding around Chicago in a fancy wide-body serving and learning about the streets. During the early 90's PHZ's family struggled due to the path his mother & father took. Phaze-A-Matics found out he either had to step up or watch his mother die from being beaten and mistreated. At the age of four, Phaze had already became a grown man with knowledge of Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP, prostitution, abuse, grace, positivity, love, comfort, wisdom, and knew exactly what he needed to do... telling his mother he did not want her to suffer any more-they left. Back and forth from Texas to Illinois, they struggled, constantly moving from place to place trying to make a life worth living. School to school PHZ went growing and learning always getting into trouble some how. By the age of seventeen PHZ had been through it all... From gangbangin' and living on his own to losing a child and becoming flat broke, PHZ had really hit rock bottom. stuck with no future Phaze-A-Matics was lost, until... hip-hop found him. Now knowing what his purpose is PHAZE would transform into the person he is today... #PFMNATION

To hear more of his story or want to know more just ask PHAZE-A-MATICS himself! Contact us today!"

Check out Phaze-A-Matics music at:

www.instagram.com/iamphazeamatics www.artistecard.com/phazeamatics www.facebook.com/phazeamatics.pfm www.twitter.com/phazeamatics www.youtube.com/producingfamousmusic www.soundcloud.com/phaze-a-matics

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