[Album Review] Darren Deicide "The Blues Non Est Mortuum"

"The Blues Non Est Mortuum is Darren Deicide's first full-length release in 7 years and is out now on Berenice Records. The album features appearances by Reverend Adam Campbell from the Church of Satan as well as St. Louis songwriter, Edgefield C. Johnston, and was recorded at multi-platinum recording studio, Water Music, which has graced the likes of Dave Matthews Band, Beyoncé, Allman Brothers Band, Shakira, Sonic Youth, Social Distortion, R. Kelly, Ween, Lamb Of God, and Joey Ramone. The Blues Non Est Mortuum includes a 12-page, full-color booklet by designed by Lisa DiLeo and comes with free digital downloads of the complete album. The release was celebrated with a European record release tour through Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland on October 5th-16 th as well release parties in New York City and New Jersey. Release parties will continue to be celebrated throughout the east coast of the USA. Darren Deicide maintains a continuous touring schedule and has played with an array of notable artists internationally that has spanned from The Members and Dead Prez to Danny and the Juniors, and for this release, he will be promoting and touring nationally and internationally. Updates will be posted on his homepage darrendeicide.com."

Darren Deicide brings us a driving blues and folk music with the album The Blues Non Est Mortuum, and it isn't your usual formula. This album perfectly captures the haunting and dark emotional aspects of blues- like a Rob Zombie horror movie set in the Southwestern regions of Tucson, Arizona- with songs like "Throwing It All Away" and "Killing the Dead". Do yourself a favor: roll up a doob, dim the lights, and lay back on the couch when listening to The Blues Non Est Mortuum.

His album is available on his website, both for digital download and Vinyl!


Check out the song "Killing the Dead" below!

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