Quarter Life Crisis by Casual Friday

"Two years into an incredible journey and the four regular guys from the suburbs of North Jersey are still going strong. Casual Friday, comprised of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Keith Carroll, vocalist/lead guitarist Kyle Frasca, vocalist/bassist Cengiz (The Wizard) Najarian and drummer Adam Tonner have an undeniable chemistry that delivers an energy you cannot see in any other band today. With a sound influenced by the 90’s/2000’s alternative/punk scene, Casual Friday brings that energetic, “breaking loose” vibe with a melodic twist that will stick with you all the way through your 9 to 5 shift.

Formed in April of 2015, the roots of Casual Friday were planted by an unlikely duo of accountants searching for a way to ditch the pressure of the corporate flag and escape the mental drainage of the daily office grind. It worked; and that desire to escape is exactly what sets Casual Friday apart, they are the same as their fans. Four working class Americans chasing after the dream that all too often takes a backseat to the inevitable realities of life. The music was made to pick you back up when life knocks you down.

With an EP recorded in October of 2015, a few scattered singles and a debut LP scheduled for December 15th, 2017, Casual Friday is pushing their way through the New Jersey/New York live music scene, leading the march against the man and bringing the noise to a happy hour near you. Follow them on ALL Social Media @CasualFriday201 and give them a listen on any of your favorite music outlets including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, and many more. Most importantly, keep it casual."

Quarter Life Crisis was released November 17, 2017. With tracks like "Self Destruct" and "Punk Rock Trash" , Casual Friday makes sure to diddle your inner pop punk fan and take you back to the days of high school. Their music maintains its early 2000's roots through their driving melody lines and nostalgic music video themes.

Check out their video for "Self Destruct", my favorite song off their new album!



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