Dreams of Carnage: "I'm in Your Garden" (Album)

Today we take a trip to Leicester, England with Dreams of Carnage, an alternative/punk band. The band has recently reformed, with their latest album release, I'm In Your Garden on April 20, 2017- great day to release an album, am I right? With songs like Antisocial Socialite and Sunday School, Dreams of Carnage screams with the true old school punk sound that started it all.

FFO: Agent Orange, F.E.A.R.

"Dreams of Carnage were formed in 1982 as a four piece comprising of Sid Noot (Steve Townsend) on vocals, Dave Metcalf on bass, Steve Cardoni on guitar and Tim Noonan on drums. We re-formed about four years ago for a bit of fun and are still going. Steve left in 2015 and we managed to recruit the very talented John Gibb on guitar. We hope you enjoy the album."

Check out their album I'm Your Garden at the link below!



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